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RAISING $264,000 IN 30 DAYS

How we helped YAK GRILLS™ surpass their fundraising goal by 1,323%


The idea behind YAK Grills™ was born after founder David Sypniewski took a trip to Japan. Inspired by the social grilling he took part in, he wanted to bring this experience back to North America. After countless hours spent brainstorming and designing, YAK Grills™ was ready to hit the market through an Indiegogo (Kickstarter alternative) campaign.


When Wilson Media started working with YAK in June of 2020, very few people knew YAK GRILLS™ existed. However, with hopes of a successful upcoming launch through Indiegogo, we knew creating content that got the word out fast was critical. So, as we prepared for our indiegogo campaign, we brainstormed content that was quick to consume, entertaining, and educational. We knew we were not going to have people's attention for long. Therefore, we had to create content that engaged and educated people to understand what YAK GRILLS™ is, and why they should get one.


  • Video Production

  • Photography

  • GIF Creation



Our content was everywhere as YAK GRILLS™ Indiegogo campaign went live. 44 minutes later, the original goal of $20,000 was achieved, 30 days later, that number hit $264,700

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Wilson Media has helped us succeed in raising over $250K in pre-orders for YAK Grills because of his skill in videography, visual storytelling, and social engagement. I can't recommend Dylan and his team enough.

David Sypniewski
President, YAK Grills™

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Where are they now?

To this day, Wilson Media works with YAK GRILLS™ on a daily basis through social media management. We consistently post, generate leads, and build relationships with customers by engaging with the grilling community on their behalf.


To be the next success story