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Brand With Fully Managed Accounts

No bots, no sketchy growth tactics. We generate organic results with real people managing your account

Real growth, real people

Build Your Brand in 2021

We manage and grow instagram accounts using organic, brand-building strategies

Locate your target audience

Manually engage with the accounts

They become aware of you

They engage with your account

Social Media Management


15-20 posts/month

Caption writing

Comment/Message management

Monthly reports



20-30 posts/month

Caption writing

Account optimization

Comments/Message management

Relationship networking

Monthly reports



40-50 posts/month

Caption writing

Account optimization

Hashtag research

Growth networking

Relationship networking

New follower interaction

Comment/Message management

Active stories

Weekly reports


Available Add-ons

Add these additional services to your Maintain or Grow package.

Growth networking $199

Relationship networking $199

New Follower interaction $149

Hashtag research $49

Active stories $49

Account optimization $49

"Wilson Media was incredibly helpful in both creating content and helping me market my product. They have been invaluable to my company and I can't recommend their services enough."

James Bettauer | Owner | Backpack Tennis

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