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With 90% of businesses on Social Media, it is likely that you are too. However the majority of brands using social media do not do so in a professional manner which hurts their brand image. Social Media can be an asset or a liability. Everyone’s attention nowadays is on their phone, just like it was on TV or the radio years ago. Do not invest in advertising, invest in people’s attention and you will receive much greater benefits. At the pace social media growing, just like real estate, eventually it will be too hard and too expensive to receive benefits as all the brands who start now will be far ahead. Here is how Wilson Media will boost your Social Media and online brand.

Social Media management

We understand that there are only 24 hours in a day. With day to day business, clients, and more, you may not have time to build your online brand. Wilson Media will fully automate your Social Media accounts by handling everything ourselves. 

Organic Growth strategies

The best way to grow is organically. This leads to engaged followers who become fans and customers. Wilson Media will develop a plan tailored to your business to grow your social networks organically. Some of our strategies include activity, hashtag optimization, the 2 cents strategy, and more.

Account optimization

First impressions are everything, especially on social media. Wilson Media will optimize your social networks bio, set a theme, adjust following, and clean up poor posts.


Being consistent is very important. Consistency gives a professional look that stays in tune with your brand. Wilson Media will create story and post templates to be used over and over again.


Creating a schedule and sticking to it will give make sure you are distributing enough content and will increase your follower engagement. Wilson Media will create a schedule that fits your business.

account creation

Every business needs an account for all social networks. Whether it's an instagram and facebook to show your brand, a twitter for day to day chat, or LinkedIn for finding prospecting employees and partnerships. Wilson Media will get you setup and running on all social networks.