YAK Grills is a startup yakitori grill brand based out of Vancouver, BC

August 2020

This project took place during the summer of 2020

Elite Lawn and Snow is a construction and landscaping company that services clients in BC and Alberta. Despite being in business for almost 10 years, they had no social media presence.


When Wilson Media started working with Elite Lawn and Snow, they had no social media presence. No audience, no likes, no followers, and no accounts. Therefore, without the ability to leverage an existing audience, we had to build one from the ground up for social media to build awareness, generate leads, and prove effective for Elite Lawn and Snow. As our audience grew, we had to keep them engaged. Without access to professional content creation due to geographical restrictions, we had to humanize the Elite Lawn and Snow brand.


The Elite Lawn and Snow social campaign was a huge success

0-1000 Followers in 37 days

Averaged 27 new followers/day

15% Engagement rate

Instagram average = 4.3%

1298 likes among the first 12 posts

Averaged 108.1 likes/post

I am very impressed with your service. Thank you for everything that you, Axel, and the team have done to get our accounts off to a great start.

David Wazny, CEO

Our Roles

  • Account creation
  • Account optimization
  • Social strategy
  • Filtering the content provided by ELS
  • Writing captions
  • Researching hashtags
  • Posting
Community Engagements
  • Handling all comments/messages
  • Actively engaging with the community
  • Lead generation

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