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GUARANTEED 200 New [ORGANIC] Followers a Month (That's 2400/year!) or we Work for Free!

No bots, no sketchy growth tactics. We build real followers using organic, relationship-building tactics.

Save Time

The average person spends 2 hours and 3 minutes on social media everyday. That's 14 hours and 21 minutes a week and 748 hours (31 days) a year!! If we gave you an extra month this year, could you grow your business?

Generate Leads

We use social media as a tool for networking. through engaging within the community, following relevant accounts, conversing in the DM's, and posting content, we are able to generate leads for your business.

Build Brand

Nothing screams "rookie" more than small followings and unprofessional content. As we generate followers, keep to a strict posting quota, and engage your prospects, your brand perception and size will inevitably increase!

All of our Social Media Management Packages come with 1 on 1 support

We understand why social media is so hard

Let's see if we can predict your social media journey:


You started your social media accounts and things were great! You posted frequently, were picking up traction, and rapidly building momentum but then, as more important tasks started to fill your plate, your social media activity slacked. Next thing you know, it's been 3 months since your last post.

So 3 months later, you think back to when you were active, were gaining followers, had leads coming and you become motivated again. However, a few weeks past and sure enough, just like last time, you only go on to repeat the same cycle.

Were we right?

This is the ever so common tortoise and hare effect that impacts millions of businesses social media efforts.

We are the Tortoise (who wins the race)

Wilson Media GUARANTEES your accounts stay in the momentum building phase. Whether you opt for our MAINTAIN, GROW, or EXCELERATE package, you will be free to grow your business while your social platforms are consistently bringing attention to your brand.



Wilson Media was incredibly helpful in both creating content and helping me market my product. They have been invaluable to my company and I can't recommend their services enough.

— James Bettauer, Backpack Tennis

*200 follower/month guarantee only valid with Accelerate package/growth networking add-on
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